Don’t Ignore Instagram as part of your Social Media Strategy

It is very easy to dismiss Instagram as a platform where foodies and selfie lovers end up trading their ultra-saturated pictures. But brand strategist & marketers around have the world have woken up to the potential and power of this medium.

In a recent finding by sprout social this Visual Social Media platform boasts of an engagement rate that borders around 4.21 which they basically is 58 times more than Facebook and 120 times more than twitter!

Now that is one big number to boast about and it is a reflection of  the growth that we have seen in Instagram over the last few years.

Brands that deal in products now have access to a great avenue to exploit this congregation of mindsets and convert them into customers.

Those in the industry that deal in services have the same potential too, except that now they have to get really creative to showcase the service as something tangible to connect with users instantly.

And if you are able to play your cards right, as marketers, you have now the power to convert and make your audience as a contributor to your content strategy. That’s right Instagram has that potential to make every person that follows you as your brand evangelist and that hits the right spot in the realm of social media marketing.

That’s right Instagram has that potential to make every person that follows you as your brand evangelist without needing them to put in extensive effort when compared to other social networks, and that hits the right spot in the realm of social media marketing.

But to get to that level of influence you have to get the basics right – Instagram is all about getting your aesthetics right, its all about consistency – in the post that you put out and in the values that you display. In creating a space for recieving content from your audience and giving them an idea or implicit guidelines for contribution.

Every image processing tool that is available to you from filters to hue selection needs to follow a format that would set the tone for your brand.

And before you walk along this new path here are a few pointers from our end that you can incorporate into your social media strategy for instagram.

Instagram runs and chugs along on hashtags – apart from giving your brand its own unique identity it also lets people who are interested in specifics topics find you. More the hashtags the higher you have the chance of reaching out to specific set of audiences. And you don’t have to add the

And you don’t have to add the hashtags in the end to make it look like a case of bad copywriting you can seamlessly include high ranking hashtags within your comments for each post that you put out.

Another way to leverage your post in instagram is to turn on geo-tags for each posts that you put out this lets users you are targeting from specific location to easily find you and have your post easily reach out to them.

You can build one on one connection with influencers (crudely put people with a lot of followers who actively engage with them – they are a brand unto themselves) and have them test out and use your service to bolster and further reach among a wide diaspora of audience.

And what we have mentioned here is just a tip of the iceberg to get you in front of your audience. Do experiment and try out new ways to get you and your brand in front of the audience.

So go forth my young padawan, May the Filters be with you.

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