Getting Started with Social Media Campaign & Knowing key elements of going viral

It’s every marketer’s dream to catapult their marketing campaign efforts to go viral, be the new sensation and watch prospects go ga-ga over your business. While it’s a good thing to aim for the moon, unfortunately in the social media sphere, the chances are bleak – unless you are doing everything right or have an accidental billion dollar product. Well, that being said, it is not impossible to execute a successful campaign – and land you a place among the stars 🙂  So sit tight, grab your notepad, a cup of coffee as I give you a heads up on how to promote your brand or product.

So, every campaign has to initiate with a goal and an idea that connects well with it. So you are looking at a 2 process – Planning that involves deconstructing the goal into specific objectives and an Emotional Tie up – that does a dual job to serve as an ice-breaker as well as connect with an audience.

It may take a while and lots of crushed papers in the bin before you come up with a tagline that can resonate with your audience, but if you can think it in terms of emotions that you would want to evoke – be it anger, joy, melancholy, hatred you get closer to tipping your audience to press the share/like button of Viral Success.

A well strategized plan begins with a well dissected scenario of what we are trying to achieve and dissections come from a set of well put questions that covers the basics – however crude the answers might be.

At RDA, we often start with some essential questions that you need to have answer for before you sit down with the stakeholders involved and bounce ideas back and forth. This gives the feasibility and boundaries to come up with an iron clad marketing campaign that COULD have the possibility of going viral.

So before you start out, print up this questionnaire ( which we use when we are called in for consultation) and have it answered and ready to brainstorm over.

-Is this campaign for Launch/Pre-launch of a MVP (Minimum Viable Product, usually the version 1 released out to test the waters) or a Polished Product?

-Is this product/service so good that people will absolutely love using it and will tell other people about it?

– Will your marketing campaign be stealthy i.e it doesn’t reveal much about your product/service/business? Or will it be open to talk about it?

-If you answered stealthy, what is that “one bit” of information that each of your target customer segment can be exposed to that will make them care about this product?

-What problem are your solving? Talk from each of your end user segment or audience segment perspective. (For example, if you are launching a marketplace, it has the buyers and the sellers — meaning, you need to write 2 individual problem statements that are being solved from each perspective.)

-What does this campaign mean to you? How serious are you taking this campaign?-What is the total spend you have to achieve your KPI?

-Do you want to go Bold or keep it formal? ( We are talking about how much controversy can your brand handle,some brands feed off from controversy)

-Do you have a working budget for providing incentives to encourage sharing or viral growth?

Once you have all this covered and out of the way it is all about creating a lot of drafts and the implementing the art of elimination to clear out the clutter and less Impactful messages. We cannot stress the importance of solid sales copywriting. You are better off hiring someone do the copywriting for you, unless you’ve written guaranteed-to-make-sales content in the past.

It’s about plotting out a powerful story for them to experience and lead them to your preferred “call-to-action”.

It’s about engineering a design backed by user psychographics that connects and draws out a response.

A successful campaign usually involves multiple heads, a cross functional team of designers, campaign managers, web developers (for all that snazzy super cool landing pages ) , content writers , audio/visual team, to execute your vision.

Simply put it is nothing short of assembling the avengers, so unless you are Nick Fury himself , I am sure most individuals, teams and organization find that this is a task best left to people who are good at it and love it. Hint : Us, the lovely folks at RDA!

Feel free to reach out to us and I’ll be more than happy to personally manage or formulate a social media campaign for you.

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