The Definitive Manual to understanding The Team at Rudram Digital Agency

HEADS UP : For the sake of keeping it simple, we are officially calling us as RDA instead of the longer Rudram Digital Agency. Shaves off a precious few seconds you see, especially when we introduce ourselves or sign a document n’ stuff, plus it sounds fancy! 😉

So, what is RDA up to these days?

As of writing this blog, RDA has grown over the last 12 months (since its inception in 2015) from a small team of 3 stuffed inside a 200sq.ft room to a team of 10 with a 2000 sq.ft swanky functional workspace at Coimbatore, India. We have proudly catered to 15+ clients in the past 18 months with a variety of service verticals — Web design, Web development, Graphic design, UI/UX consultancy, Android application development, print and digital media advertising etc.

What makes RDA,.. RDA?

The Unique Bragging Proposition (yes, UBP!) of RDA lies in the fun we all have together while crafting any project. We stress on plenty of brainstorming sessions, background/competitive research, generating piles of ideas sketching wireframes and functionality modules before the start of any good project. The RDA hackspace is an exciting and functional workspace that facilitates all these seamlessly. We believe in being having an open ended environment, with plenty of room & channels for communication amongst team members, white boards and markers, coffee and tea, plus some really good ambient music.

The Culture

Ah, the culture – The most important thing that either makes or breaks an organization, its people and everything in it. Despite being a humble digital agency run by young team, we have adopted the habit of exhibiting and upholding a culture and work ethic to be proud of. At RDA we believe in investing in an individual’s skill, personal interests and talent. We’ve always given the freedom and the much needed help or support to encourage the individual to pursue a language or skill of his choice to keep up with the industry demand or career advancements. Self moderated group activity called “Project Rewire” happens every month that teaches an individual to critically review his current skillset, seek the aid of a mentor and re-wire his capabilities for continued growth and improvement. We, being humans do make mistakes. Mistakes are cheerfully allowed within RDA for we believe that one does not learn until he makes a mistake. However, we ensure the mistake and learning happens within the 4 walls of our work space and is never reflected into our client’s end product.

We owe it to you, our clients who brought us here. We owe it to each other in our team, who worked tirelessly day after day passionately churning out codes and quality designs time and again. May this blog, serve a toast to Team Rudram. Cheers!

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