What Goes Into Making a Terrific Social Media Strategy

We get it. The reason you are here are the same, as the ones, many others before you have faced – To know the best way to navigate the harsh but exciting ever changing landscape of the Social Media World.

Though it might seem daunting at first, If you can cleverly break down the Journey, into easily achievable segments you would be coolly surfing through the entire Journey without breaking a sweat!

Now, we understand that you are super busy to plan and break this entire process down, don’t worry we have your back!

So what we have done here today break is gone ahead and done just that- to give you a kick start on your journey towards a Successful Social Media Campaign using our expertise and in-house insights.

Here they are :

Identify and Set Your Primary Goals :

This is what every pundit out there would recommend you start with and it is number one for a good reason – It answers the what’s and why’s giving you the clarity to strategize and create an execution plan, however many of you would skip out on identifying and setting the goals for your SMM Campaign. This dismissal is what would cause you a lot of headaches in the future. Primarily because you have no anchor points to create and achieve a particular goal (and NO, choosing the easy way out of having multiple likes and followers is not a good metric unless those are actively contributing to your bottom line/purpose).

The best way to get started on this venture is to look at the challenges that your brand faces and then try and prioritize them in an order in which you can utilize social media to the best extent to achieve it.

This challenges can range from sourcing great talent for your organization, Increasing Sales, Getting Ideas for Research and Development, Customer Management etc.

Once you Identify the key challenges you can now define the goals to address those challenges

For Increasing Sales – Social Media can complement your inbound marketing endeavours by increasing visitors to your website, by sourcing qualified leads, providing a better online customer experience. You can work on Increasing your brand awareness at a fraction of what would be needed in a traditional space especially if it is a niche product, you can use your social community to find out what is important to them and then work on incorporating their feedback into your product development. The possibilities are endless however it is important to stay focused on key goals when you are starting out.

Focus on Social Networks that can achieve those Goals:

Yeah, sure it might be awesome if your customers can reach out to you in every little social media platform out there, but it just isn’t possible to do so when you are starting out and frankly it’s quite necessary.

Your Targeted Audience, Your Target Market resides in key networks where they communicate and share. Identify those and start out with 2 or 3 of them – And in many cases they usually are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Each of these networks have their own speciality in helping you reach out to your audience as well as letting the audience find and reach out to you.

Create Great Content that can advance action.

And action here means engagement, action here means taking you further down the path to achieve your goals.

Great Content gets remembered, would be useful serves a purpose and that’s what makes it shared , liked or commented upon.

Your Team can come up with amazing ideas, don’t limit it: Everyone in your organization can contribute to your social presence. It is however prudent to have a guideline in place before you open up the gates . Insight and Ideas can from anywhere in your team which can give you a perspective that would have most probably not occurred to your marketing team.

Have people on board and ask them to contribute. Structure your best content around some great ideas and you will have a winner.

Engage don’t Ignore :

One of the biggest mistakes a brand can do is have a social media presence and not be active on it or worse ignoring people who comment and engage irrespective of it being either positive or negative .

To be heard, is what is very important to people and for brands who don’t listen and respond back they start to fade away in the worst case they ditch you for an alternative

Measure Rinse and Repeat :

As in the case of any plan with a strategy, once you execute it you have to measure key parameters or as we call it key performance indicators (KPI), see the progress reiterate what doesn’t work and re-think and re-plan the next time. there is no right and wrong answer or pre-set walkthroughs to achieve supremacy in social media sphere.

It is all an experiment and have that mindset when you go about executing your campaign.

Well, there you have it some of the best practices you can implement right now for your way to increased social media success.

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